Metal Essence Metallic Concrete Epoxy Coating

Metal Essence is a combination of Clear epoxy mixed with specialized metallic tint packs to achieve a concrete floor that resembles pounded metal with a metallic finish. This is truly a unique concrete coating system that achieves the “wow” factor.

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Granitex Epoxy Color Paint Chip Concrete Coating

Granitex is a combination of Epoxy with decorative paint chips broadcast into the mix with clear top coats. The result is an attractive, durable, easy to clean, seamless concrete coating system that resists acids, salts, oils, chemical and hot tire pick up. It is the perfect concrete garage floor coating system. Granitex is also available in a quick cure, fast turnaround system if timing is an issue.

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Concrete Staining

Concrete staining has taken off in Edmonton and provides an opportunity to take plain grey concrete to a designer’s paradise! With the use of acid stains, concrete dyes and topical stains, a multitude of shades and colors can be achieved. Everything from soft earth-tone colors to vivid blues, reds and greens may now be incorporated into one of a kind concrete flooring masterpieces.


Terrazzo was invented by the Ancient Romans and has endured the test of time. Terrazzo is a combination marble, granite, glass chips, and other decorative aggregates mixed into either a cementitious  or epoxy matrix and then placed in specific patterns and grinded to expose the aggregates, then polished and sealed. Terrazzo is seen in many airports, schools, retail malls and hospitals because it is literally a floor that will last a lifetime!